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NC State Extension

Dairy Judging

Youth dairy judging programs are designed to help youth improve their cattle evaluation, but also provide the opportunity to develop excellent communication skills. Members of dairy judging teams often become lifelong friends and share invaluable experiences through team practices and travel to competitions. Local dairy judging teams (both 4H and FFA) are invited to the North Carolina Youth State Dairy Judging contest, typically held in April. From this contest, an aggregate team is made from 4H participants who will have the opportunity to train and compete at contests like the All-American Intercollegiate and Youth Dairy Judging Contest and the National Youth Dairy Judging Contest held in conjunction with the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI each year in October. These youth represent North Carolina at national contests thanks to coaching support from extension agents and financial support from the North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation.

Dairy Judging Contest Information

State Youth Dairy Judging Contest (4H and FFA)

All American Invitational Youth Dairy Cattle Judging Contest (Harrisburg, PA)

North American International Livestock Expo Dairy Judging Contest (NAILE, Louisville, KY)

National Youth Dairy Judging Contest (World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI)