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NC State Extension

NC Dairy Youth Foundation

The North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation was established on March 2, 1994 to provide external funding to improve educational opportunities and activities for youth and to promote our dairy industry. This foundation has been described as the greatest thing to happen to the dairy youth program in North Carolina. The North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation continues to grow and is a remarkable success story ensuring that external funding will be available for our dairy youth program for years to come. (BA Hopkins, 2002)

The mission of the NCDYF is to develop and provide broad-based financial support for dairy youth programs and activities in North Carolina. This NCDYF is part of the NC Dairy Foundation, which operates under the auspices of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc (NCAF), a non-profit 501(c)3. A North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation Endowment has been created within the NCAF. Income, but not the principal, from this endowment is used to provide funding for dairy youth activities and programs.