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Discover NC Dairy 360° VR Headsets Project

Thanks to generous support from The Dairy Alliance, 25 County Extension Centers across North Carolina will receive 3 Oculus Go virtual reality headsets that are part of the Discover NC Dairy 360° effort launched in 2017. Click to view the counties and contacts to connect with Discover NC Dairy 360° at a county near you! Discover NC Dairy 360° is a virtual reality experience in 3-D with headsets that provide an immersive experience for individual viewers.

Focused on a scientific, objective and practical portrayal of the dairy sector of North Carolina’s agricultural economy, Discover NC Dairy 360° is a consumer-friendly tool for Extension educators. Discover NC Dairy 360° is part of a larger effort called Discover NC Dairy that includes the virtual reality component, as well as an online series of 11 videos that are approximately 2 – 2.5 minutes in length with topics ranging from the calf nursery to the milking parlor to waste storage and management. Discover it at the Discover NC Dairy website!

Online Training Module – NEW!

Do you need a refresher on how to utilize Discover NC Dairy 360°? Do you need to train volunteers to help you with Discover NC Dairy 360°? Never fear! Extension IT has created a new online training module for this program that will walk you through how to use Oculus Go, including how to upload the videos, tips and troubleshooting and general use guidelines. Click here for the Online Training Module or scan the QR Code. QR code

Resources from the Training Sessions

Counties and Contacts for Discover NC Dairy 360°

Discover NC Dairy 360 Event Report is available as a Google Form! This should make life easier for all of us in evaluating this effort throughout the state.

For Mac users who need to transfer video files from a USB drive to their Oculus Go headsets, here is a link to help with that process:

VR Setup Tips and Suggested Purchases to Complement Your Headsets (NC Pork Council)


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